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    Victoria Arduino Poster

    (image: Wikimedia commons)

    The Long History of the Espresso Machine - Smithsonian.com

  3. "Women of Britain Say — ‘Go!’" (1915). E.V.Kealey. Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London. Hill, Siffken & Co., London.

  4. (Source: books0977)

  5. books0977:

    Fine living at lake.

  6. books0977:

    Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man, 1917. Howard Chandler Christy (1873-1952). American artist and illustrator famous for the “Christy Girl,” similar to a “Gibson Girl.”

  7. Workers, Lend Your Strength to the Red Triangle, Help the “Y” Help the Fighters Fight, United War Work Campaign (1918) - November 11 to 18 (1918). Gil Spear.

    Poster showing a mason lifting a stone, “YMCA,” with the silhouette of a soldier in the background.

  8. missingmarilyn:

    On June 1, 1926 a star was born. Happy 86th Birthday Marilyn aka Norma Jeane.

  9. J. C. Leyendecker, 1874-1951

    For Active Service, Join the U.S. Marines : for Full Information Apply to Postmaster.

    U.S. Marines, 1918.

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    Rafael deSoto

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